~ Amanda Tosoff ~


Online Music Lessons during Covid!

April 10, 2020

Hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy time! I know my students are helping me to keep mentally well right now, for many reasons, but mostly because I still get to "see" them and keep sharing and learning about some great music together!

I've been doing online lessons for quite sometime, but have transitioned to 100% online right now, using zoom, facetime, whatsapp, etc. I use a combination of screen sharing on my Ipad (where I write notes, music, mark up PDFs in real time for students to see), and also recordings, emailing documents, and the usual lesson format (minus being in the same room!).

Here's a simple example of what the online lesson looks like: Online Lesson Video Example

And... even though my focus is on jazz and composition, I love teaching all levels and ages. For me, it's not what I teach that gets me excited about teaching, but the connection with my student and the challenge of finding out what they love and want to learn about music.

Stay safe everyone!
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