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Interested in improvisation?

October 26, 2020

Interested in improvisation?

I'm excited to be running an online workshop "Improvisation Games"on Nov 1, 2020, geared towards teachers looking for new exercises for their students, beginner/intermediate jazz students – and of course, classically trained musicians wanted to branch out into jazz and improv!

And really, anyone can attend – no experience needed!

It is a joint effort with bassist Jodi Proznick and myself – through our online music education site www.MusicArtsCollective.com.

If you're interested, see the post below for more info:

Join award-winning jazz artists/educators Jodi Proznick (M.Ed) & Amanda Tosoff (MA in Music Theory) for upcoming workshop, “Improvisation Games.” In this online workshop, Jodi & Amanda will share their favourite fun and engaging improvisation exercises (aka “Games!”) – which explore important concepts for developing improvisation skills such as ear training, applied harmony, modes, rhythm, blues riffs and phrasing.

Our games include:
“Painting by Numbers”
“Opposites Attract”
“Rhythm & Riffs”
“Phrase Bingo”

The workshop is lecture style, but you are encouraged to bring your instrument and/or your voice to try the activities in real time from the comfort of your own space.

Date: Nov 1, 2020 @ 12:30 PST (3:30 EST)
Cost: $20
Where: Zoom
Sign up: https://www.musicartscollective.com/improvisationgamesworkshop

Cant make it?
We will be recording the video so you can get access the workshop for 60 days and you will receive a beautiful PDF copy of all of the games.
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