The Ostara Project

Cellar Live

Nov 18, 2022

The Ostara Project
  1. Delta Sky (Allison Au)
  2. Storms and Oceans (Jodi Proznick)
  3. Little One (Amanda Tosoff & Jodi Proznick
  4. Lluviona (Rachel Therrien
  5. Tides are Turning (Jocelyn Gould)
  6. Bye Bye
  7. Bye Bye Blackbird
  8. Rise (Sanah Kadoura)

The Ostara Project is a jazz supergroup featuring a rotating cast of award-winning Canadian women in jazz – spearheaded by Music Arts Collective‘s Jodi Proznick and Amanda Tosoff. Their first album, “Ostara” (coming out Nov 2022) features a constellation of seven strong and respected artists, highlighting the diversity of Canada’s musical landscape:

  • Amanda Tosoff (piano)
  • Jodi Proznick (bass)
  • Allison Au (saxophone)
  • Rachel Therrien (trumpet)
  • Joanna Majoko (vocals)
  • Jocelyn Gould (guitar)
  • Sanah Kadoura (drums)
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