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"The music of Canadian composer-pianist Amanda Tosoff is like beam of light through the modern jazz landscape. She merges the profound messages of poetry with piano-driven melodies, embellished by a hybrid of strings and horns, adding dynamic hues. Her latest release Earth Voices, the follow-up to her Juno Award-nominated 2016 recording Words, pairs reflective musings with a frolicking rhythm that produces an open and verdant space where listeners can lounge as long as they wish."

Earth Voices CD Review – by Susan Frances (Modern Jazz Today)

"Despite the dizzying array of influences that inform Earth Voices, there's remarkable consistency and clarity across this program. Tosoff never seems far from home, regardless of reach, and her vision for how to shape these poems and pieces (through her writing and playing), what each represents, and who to tap to bring each one to life, proves profound. Whether taken as a broad glance at authentic existence, a clear address on a compatibility of art forms or a survey of some of Canada's most notable vocal and instrumental talent(s), Earth Voices earns high marks."

Earth Voices CD Review – by Dan Bilawsky (All About Jazz)

"...même si chaque pièce propose une formation différente, un auteur différent, une voix différente, il y a partout ce fil lyrique tenu par Tosoff qui fait le lien et le liant : fort joli."

Earth Voices CD Review – by Guillaume Bourgault-Côte (Le Devoir)

"Thoughtful, sparkling, poetically-inspired chamber jazz!"

Earth Voices CD Review – by Delarue (New York Music Daily)

“…with the release of Earth Voices […] Tosoff has taken the concept that she so brilliantly mastered with Words and built upon it. More instruments, more beautiful poems, more vocalists that equal more invigorating compositions that inspire and lift the already powerful words off the page into the present moment.”

Earth Voices CD Review – by Lavender Sutton (London Jazz News)

"Uniting this vast and impressive guest list is the musical genius of Amanda Tosoff, whose melodies, harmonies and arrangements create a rich sonic environment to host the guests. This album is special."

Earth Voices Review – by David Reed (Belleville Intelligencer

"Tosoff's lyrical piano flows over the strings and horns to sublime effect...poetry in sound!"

Earth Voices CD Review – by Wulf Muller (All That Jazz and More)

"A listen where all 8 tracks radiate in their own richly textured light, Tosoff and company create some instantly enjoyable modern jazz here, and I doubt it would surprise anyone if this one also lands her a Juno nomination!"

Earth Voices CD Review – by Tom Haugen (Take Effect)

"Tosoff calls the large group of artists who participated in the recording of the album her dream team, and after listening to Earth Voices, you will agree that she has every reason for this."

Earth Voices CD Review – by Leonid Auskern (Jazz Quad)

"Words' is grand achievement just on its musical merits, but the key to this one is the poems turned to vocals, adding a new dimension to Tosoff's sound. The result is a musical reverie."

Mark Rheaume (CBC Radio)

"Words, Tosoff’s new album....Its very title warns jazz purists to expect they’re about to discover a whole lot more than jazz. That’s precisely what’s to be expected from emerging composers like Tosoff whose career, mostly lots of “straight ahead modern jazz” early on, has evolved. Words speaks vigorously about that evolution and about jazz’s evolution as well...The spirit of the young Joni Mitchell hovers protectively over the project, channelled by Williams’ crystalline singing of Tosoff’s high arching tunes"

Peter Goddard (Toronto Star)

"With Words, she's raised and broadened her game, delivers lots of sonic beauty with an album that blurs pop, classical, folk and jazz..the disc's level of craft is very high, the music's very moving, and its talents deserve wider recognition."

Peter Hum (Ottawa Citizen)

"This group exemplifies so many of the great and positive things that young jazz musicians have going for them; compositional talent, instrumental talent, and devotion to the music and one another."

Katie Malloch (CBC Radio)

"Jazz is in very good hands indeed!"

Paul Grant (CBC Radio’s “Hot Air”)

"...Tosoff shows great promise: as a composer, leader, and performer... Her quartet swings with a genuine spirit, and she interprets clearly with a crisp motion...she brings the piano into full view through her calm demeanor and complete confidence."

Jim Santella (Cadence Magazine)

"... a gifted musician with refined compositional skills."

Marke Andrews (Vancouver Sun)

" assured, forward-thinking voice."

Greg Buium (Vancouver Sun)

"Vancouver-to-Toronto jazz-piano transplant Amanda Tosoff sweats the small stuff in this satisfying slice of mainstream jazz. My favourite is the first of 10 Tosoff originals: 'Bluke' (which Tosoff says is short for Blues for Duke), which gently stirs together jazz, salsa and blues into a satisfying, simmering rhythmic stew."

Looking North Review — John Terauds (Toronto Star)

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