1. Daffodils
  2. Cool Embrace
  3. Simultaneous Windows
  4. Too Late
  5. Owl Pellet
  6. Living in the Past
  7. Down to the Water
  8. The First Day of Winter
  9. Little Bird

Felicity Williams — vocals
Amanda Tosoff — piano
Alex Goodman — guitar
Jon Maharaj — bass
Morgan Childs — drums
Rebekah Wolkstein — violin
Amy Laing — cello

Music: Amanda Tosoff
Poetry & lyrics: William Wordsworth, Carole Glasser Langille, Tim Bowling, Laura Lush, Melissa Mansfield, and Lloyd & Ted Tosoff

Recorded by Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Studios, Toronto, ON. February, 2015
Mixed by Andrew Mullin; Mastered by Steve Bellamy
Design and art by Sonia Cole; inside art also by Wendy Tosoff

What the critics have said about Tosoff’s Words Project:

“With Words, she’s raised and broadened her game, and delivers lots of sonic beauty with an album that blurs pop, classical, folk and jazz. The disc’s level of craft is very high, the music’s very moving.”  – Peter Hum (Ottawa Citizen)

”Its very title warns jazz purists to expect they’re about to discover a whole lot more than jazz. That’s precisely what’s to be expected from emerging composers like Tosoff whose career, mostly lots of “straight ahead modern jazz” early on, has evolved. Words speaks vigorously about that evolution and about jazz’s evolution as well.”
– Peter Goddard (Toronto Star)

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