Support My Next Project!

March 13 2021

My latest album Earth Voices has only been out since Jan 29, 2021 and I’m already dreaming up my next project – although I can’t decide between:

  • a classic piano trio album
  • a chamber jazz and poetry project featuring the work of Canadian poet Marjorie Pickthall
  • a collection of compositions I recently wrote setting the poetry of Louis Fréchette
  • more string quartets!
  • or… a straight-ahead modern jazz album with my favourite horn players

I have so many ideas and just need to decide upon one! What do you think? Feel free to drop me a message and let me know what you think I should do, as I’d love to hear from you…

… and, of course, if you feel supporting my music and my project – whatever I decide between – please feel free to send a donation. I certainly won’t refuse it!☺︎

Thank you! ♥︎

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